Assistant to the Provincial Grand Principals Page

As the Summer fades and the Autumn bursts into glorious colour, it heralds the start of a new season both weather wise and of course Masonically. I hope you have all had a relaxing break and are suitably refreshed to enjoy your Freemasonry once again and particularly the equally colourful Royal Arch.

For those who are presently holding Acting Rank you will of course now have the opportunity to enjoy your office for a further six months with Provincial Grand Chapter moving to October 2017 at Southport. Those who receive first appointments or promotions next year will have to wait a little longer to receive their honours but they will be well worth the wait. Changing the date means that Provincial Grand Lodge (now just one meeting a year) and Provincial Grand Chapter will not be so close together which will relieve the pressure on the Provincial Office and the Provincial Team in organizing these events.

Last seasons Enhanced Exaltation demonstrations and the Talking Heads presentation in Lodges has already begun to show positive results with a number of Chapters taking up part or all of the enhancements and new members joining Chapter. A further presentation of Talking Heads is booked for Fleetwood Lodge in November and if any other Lodge wishes to receive the presentation to give non Royal Arch masons the chance to learn more about this wonderful degree then do not hesitate to contact me or the Royal Arch leads in your Groups.

The Chairmen and Vice Chairmen of the three Groups continue to give tremendous support and I am most grateful for that and I hope members will support them and all the Group officers in the hard work they do. Can I also ask for your support at the Chapters of the Fylde Carol Service which will once again be held at St. Chads Church in Poulton on December 11th. It is a great way for all the family to start the Festive season and I hope to see the church filled.

I mentioned acting Officers early and it was an honour and a pleasure to attend St. Annes Parish Church recently to witness our Provincial Grand Chaplain, W.Bro. and E.Comp Canon Godfrey Hirst celebrate 50 years in his priestly ministry. The church was full of family, friends, parishioners, clerical colleagues and freemasons joining with Godfrey in his very special celebration and as always he was in good voice!


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The commitment given to his ministry and his masonry is an example to us all. If you agree to take an office of any kind, be it Craft or Royal Arch then you are making a commitment to carry out those duties to the best of your ability, for the benefit of not only yourself but for your Lodge or Chapter as a whole. Each one plays a part in a team and without that conscientious participation the team cannot function to its best.

Please continue to spread to word about the Royal Arch to those not yet members, encourage them, when they are ready, to consider taking this next important step in their masonic experience.

Enjoy all you Freemasonry and of course particularly your Chapter Masonry



E.Comp. David Randerson

P.G.Std.B., Assistant to the Provincial Grand Principals