Freedom of Wyre Lodge Award

 AsstPrGM FoW Award 

On the 5th March 2015, the North Fylde Group witnessed a ‘First’ of a different kind – The Freedom of Wyre Lodge award. W Bro Harry Cox PSGD, AsstPrGM was delighted to present the award to W Bro Ron Crewdson PPrAGDC after delivering a summary of Ron’s life in Open Lodge. Accompanying W Bro Cox was our own North Fylde Group Chairman, W Bro Duncan Smith PPrSGW.

The award was an initiative of W Bro Brian Coulter PPrSGD, Secretary of Wyre Lodge. The award is presented to a subscribing member of the Wyre Lodge No. 7704. It is a private Lodge honour in recognition of the long service of a member and his contribution to Wyre Lodge over a period not less than 25 years continuous service. (Ron – 46 years and 2 months, serving Wyre Lodge No. 7704, his Mother Lodge)

The award entitles the recipient to a life time free of annual membership dues in respect of the UGLE, PGL and FMH or Building committee to which the Lodge is responsible to for its occupancy. The recipient retains his right to vote on matters concerning the present and future of the Lodge, the right to hold office in any Lodge position he wishes to aspire to through the normal constitutional process. In short, the recipient will lose no rights of membership that a paying member has. The Lodge is responsible for those fees described earlier in this paragraph.

At any given time, there can only be one ‘Freedom of Wyre Lodge Award’ held by one subscribing member. On cessation of the award through the recipient’s resignation or bereavement, the award will be retained by the Lodge until a possible successor is proposed to a Wyre Lodge committee of members (it should be considered as an exceptional award that should not be automatically passed on as a matter of course).

WM FoW Award

Right: WM Bro Gordon Maxwell presents the ‘Freedom of Wyre Lodge’ Trophy to Ron.

At the spritely age of 91, Ron is a highly valued member of the Lodge who maintains a wicked and dry sense of humour that catches the brightest of Brethren in the Lodge.

Other initiatives of W Bro Brian Coulter include the ‘Wyre Wire’, a newsletter that is produced for each regular meeting and is maintained by W Bro Bob Hopwood PPrGSupt of Wks who tempts Brethren to win a monthly quiz that will frustrate the best quiz masters of the UK!! The Wyre Wire has raised over £3000 for the Charity Steward over a period of 10 years through sales at each festive board.


Ron Responds FoW AwardRon responds

Come along and enjoy the warm welcome of the Wyre Lodge Brethren, and have a go at beating our own in house quiz master of the Northwest. April 2015 – Raising.

You can book in through the Secretary: