Marc is welcomed into Biscopham

Almost 60 brethren recently gathered at the Savoy Hotel, Blackpool to witness Marc Broome being initiated into Freemasonry at Biscopham Lodge No 7646. The letter of dispensation had been read by the secretary, Richard Anderson.

The reason for the change in venue was that the lodge was hosting a meeting of the European Masonic Association, of which the master of the lodge, Ian Tyrell, is a member. Brethren from all over the United Kingdom and even the United States were present to see a polished initiation ceremony conducted by the master, ably assisted by lodge mentor Geoff Ball, and Tony Blundell, the master of Wyre Lodge No 7704.

The candidate was conducted around the lodge by the acting junior deacon, Jack Baxter, also a member of the EMA, in a most accomplished manner. The working tools of this degree were extremely well presented by junior warden Kirk Elliot. Upon the return of the candidate, the charge of this degree was delivered in an outstanding way by lodge treasurer, John Kitchener. The conclusion of this magnificent piece of ritual drew generous applause from the gathered brethren.

The seldom heard presentation of the history of the white gloves was delivered by Danny Whalley, and again the brethren were delighted with such an adroit performance. At the conclusion of the ceremony, the candidate Marc was congratulated and welcomed into the lodge by the master Ian Tyrell.

On the second rising, a cheque for £300 was presented to the master by the EMA, and Ian gave thanks on behalf of the lodge.

The brethren then enjoyed a superb festive board, at which Jack Baxter welcomed Marc into the lodge. Staffordshire Grand Lodge officer Bob Cooper led the brethren in a hearty rendition of the Entered Apprentice Song which was enjoyed by all.

A raffle took place which raised £324 for charities, and at the conclusion of a splendid evening the Tyler’s toast was delivered by the omnipresent Gordon Ivett.

N Fylde Marc is welcomed into Biscopham pic 1-min

Pic 1: (from left to right): Ian Tyrell welcomes Marc Broome.

N Fylde Marc is welcomed into Biscopham pic 2-min

Pic 2: Brethren enjoying the festive board.