Mike celebrates his 80th birthday in style

The first meeting of 2017 at Fleetwood Masonic Hall of Hesketh Lodge No 950 was a very special one for lodge stalwart Mike Lamerton. Not only did the lodge celebrate his 41 years in Freemasonry but we were to learn that his 80th birthday was only a couple of days away.

The lodge was delighted to have Group Chairman Duncan Smith present at the meeting, at which the minutes of 100 years ago were read out, as is the custom in Hesketh Lodge. Not only that, in honour of Mike, the minutes of the meeting at which he was initiated were read out, the master at that time being Jack I’Anson, back in 1975.

The lodge meeting was brief, as the ladies were waiting downstairs. There followed a sumptuous Burns supper, complete with the haggis which was toasted by Barry McQueen. A quiz took place during the course of the evening, much of it based on questions about 1937 and a picture quiz of famous people called Mike.

At the conclusion of the meal, Hugh Mett sang a special rendition of the Master’s song especially for past master Mike, who was in turn presented with his birthday cake.

N Fylde Mike celebrates his 80th birthday in style pic 1

Pic 1:  Mike receives his birthday cake.