North Fylde Group has a Ball

The Imperial Hotel Blackpool was the venue once again for the annual North Fylde Group Ball and what a magnificent evening it turned out to be. Group chairman Duncan Smith was delighted to welcome Deputy Grand Superintendant Paul Renton and his wife Wendy, together with Harry and Carol Cox, David and Ann Randerson, and a total of 160 guests.

On arrival at the hotel, masters of lodges, first principals and their ladies were invited into the Derby room to meet with the dignitaries and their ladies. Group officers were also in attendance at this pre dinner event.

The brethren and their ladies sojourned to the Lancastrian suite, where they were pleased to welcome the top table guests. Peter Greathead, group vice chairman, was on hand to say grace.

The room was full and it was obvious from the conversations that the brethren and their ladies were enjoying the evening. The beer flowed, bottles of wine were uncorked, and a hearty meal was served by the staff of the hotel.

After a sumptuous banquet, Duncan Smith, attending his last group ball as group chairman, gave thanks to the Group Ball Committee for all their hard work in organising this year’s event, especially Mike and Elaine Brown, Frank and Sue Kennedy, and to the evening’s director of ceremonies, Damon Tait.

Paul Renton responded by thanking Duncan for the invitation to such a wonderful occasion and wished everyone well.

Names were drawn for the lucky lady who would be taking home a table prize and then a raffle for charities took place, with many prizes being on offer, the final one being a tablet, won by group secretary Alan Lock.

Following dinner the brethren and their ladies danced the night away to Group Ball regulars, Zeta and Lee, who had everyone rocking and rolling until the midnight hour.



Pic 1: Pictured from left to right: Alan Lock and Pam, Damon Tait and Alison, Duncan Smith and Karen, David Randerson and Ann, Paul Renton and Wendy, Harry Cox and Carol, Peter Greathead and Sue.