West Lancashire Century Presentation to Donor Family Network

Steve Willingham, WM of West Lancs Century Lodge, presents Jim Fallow and his wife Linda with a cheque for £400.00 for the Donor Family Network.

The WM and principal guest, Mrs Pamela Willingham, chose to support this charity in grateful recognition of some anonymous family who donated their loved ones organs for transplantation – one of which, the heart, was received by their Nephew. Steve and Pamela were delighted that Jim and his wife Linda were able to attend their Ladies Evening and receive the donation in person.

Jim is the Vice Chairman of the charity which supports families who have lost a loved one who donated organs or tissue for transplantation.  He is currently involved in raising funds for a trial in the Northwest, suggested by the Specialist Nurses for Organ Donation, where a ‘Hugga’ – a wrap or shawl – is given to family members while they wait for their loved one to go to theatre for the removal of organs.  The word Hugga is from Old Norse and means comfort.  A small number of Lodges and Chapters in both West and East Lancashire have donated funds towards this trial.  If it is successful, it is hoped that the scheme can be rolled out across the country with support from Freemasons nationally.   Pamela was presented with one of the ‘Huggas’ and is shown wearing it in the photograph.

Pictured left to right are: Steve and Pamela Willingham present a cheque to Jim and Linda Fallow

For more information about the charity https://www.donorfamilynetwork.co.uk/